Rosemary Fallon N.Dip. . B.A. . M.Sc.

irish historical portraits

In this section you will find historical portrait paintings by Irish artist Rosemary Fallon.

Paintings created to date: William Butler Yeats, Countess Markievicz, James Joyce, Michael Collins, Maud Gonne, and Lady Gregory.


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a collection of famous Irish historical characters created through the medium of oil paint on canvas. Photorealism created from black and white photography, made in the west of Ireland Co. Galway, by local contemporary visual artist Rosemary Fallon.

William Butler Yeats, oil on canvas 2023

1865 – 1939 (age 73)
Irish poet, dramatist and writer, and one of the foremost figures of 20th-century literature. He was a driving force behind the Irish Literary Revival, and along with Lady Gregory founded the Abbey Theatre.

Countess Markievicz, oil on canvas 2023

1868 – 1927 (age 59)
Irish politician, revolutionary, nationalist, suffragist, socialist, and the first woman elected to the Westminster Parliament.

James Joyce, oil on canvas 2021

1882 – 1941 (age 58)

Irish novelist, poet and literary critic. He contributed to the modernist avant-garde movement and is regarded as one of the most influential and important writers of the 20th century.

Michael Collins, oil on canvas 2020

1890 – 1922 (age 32)

Irish revolutionary, soldier and politician who was a leading figure in the early-20th century struggle for Irish independence. During the War he was Director of Intelligence of the Irish Republican Army and a government minister of the self-declared Irish Republic.

Maud Gonne, oil on canvas 2019

1866 – 1953 (age 86)

Irish republican revolutionary, suffragette and actress. She was of Anglo-Irish descent and was won over to Irish nationalism by the plight of people evicted in the Land Wars. She actively agitated for Home Rule and then for the republic declared in 1916.

Lady Gregory, oil on canvas 2019

1852 – 1932 (age 80)

Anglo-Irish dramatist, folklorist and theatre manager. With William Butler Yeats and Edward Martyn, she co-founded the Irish Literary Theatre and the Abbey Theatre, and wrote numerous short works for both companies.

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Rosemary Fallon N.Dip. . B.A. . M.Sc

Irish history and culture