Noodles 2018

artist Rosemary Fallon

N.Dip. . B.A. . M.Sc.

Fine art Ireland, Galway born Irish artist,
painting & sculpture.

Solar eclipse oil on canvas 2018

Irish art

made in the west of Ireland Co. Galway.

Irish contemporary art, Irish visual artist.

Thin blue line, acrylic painting 2018

Abstract space in nature, surreal art work from Ireland.

In this section you will find surreal, abstract paintings, science & nature.

Surreal painting

by Irish artist Rosemary Fallon.

original art work

Space & science

Space the final frontier.

Photo realism, pop surrealism, steampunk, surrealism & lowbrow art, original art work.

Rosemary Fallon N.Dip. . B.A. . M.Sc

Irish history and culture

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