Rosemary Fallon N.Dip. . B.A. . M.Sc.


Irish artist showcase

Painting Commission, Oscar, acrylic on canvas 2023

the artist

Rosemary Fallon is an Irish contemporary visual artist form the west of Ireland. Her art style is unique, original, distinctive and bold. 

She received a Degree in Fine Art Painting in the National College of Art & Design in 1999 and a Masters in Multimedia in DCU 2001.

In this portfolio showcase you will find artwork in a variety in genres such as, pop surrealism, lowbrow art, photorealism, hyperrealism, and new renaissance.

She uses traditional and contemporary materials such as oil, acrylic, sculptural epoxy and drawing mediums in categories such as, traditional portrait painting, historical portraiture, pop surreal animal, figurative and abstract.

most recent painting

William Butler Yeats, oil on canvas 2023

Irish fine art paint

–  Prints available in sizes A2, A3 & A5 –

All original fine art prints created from scanned oil paintings by Rosemary Fallon

animals painting

painting in oil / acrylic on canvas. Thought-provoking paintings of animal in surreal scenarios. Combining fantasy with icons animals in Irish folklore.

Doe in the moonlight, acrylic painting

Doe in the moonlight: In many cultures around the world, the deer is a symbol of spiritual authority appearing in folk and fairy tales the world over. In Celtic mythology the princess Sadhbh had the ability to shapeshift into the form of a beautiful deer.

Wren in the moonlight: The Wren also known as the King of the Birds is connected with various legends including the betrayal of Saint Stephen, playing a part in Christmas festivities in Ireland and Europe. The druids of Ireland, consider them a sacred bird and used their musical notes for divination.

Blue Tit in the garden: In Celtic culture, the Blue Tit symbolizes joy, happiness, hope, renewal, and good fortune.

Christmas Robin: In Ireland Robins are seen as messengers from the spirit world. A sign from Heaven indicating a loved one who has passed is at peace. For centuries, the have been perceived as a symbol of good luck, happiness, rebirth. In Norse mythology the robin is a protector from storms and lightning. In Christmas story stories It tells of how the robin got his red breast after burning himself on a fire he fanned to keep the baby Jesus warm. Another legend says the robin’s red breast is association with Christ’s death and crucifixion.

Irish historical portraits

oil painting on canvas

Countess Markievicz, oil on canvas 2023

Fine art oil paintings of Irish history and cultural.

This is a collection of famous Irish historical characters created from black and white photography recreated through the medium of oil painting.

Paintings: William Butler Yeats, Countess Markievicz, James Joyce, Michael Collins, Maud Gonne, and Lady Gregory.


figurative painting, one of six

pop surreal painting in oil / acrylic painting on canvas / board

Ruby passport photo.. oil & acrylic painting 2016

One of Six collection

All paintings are original with all sourced photography and compositions created by Rosemary Fallon.

commission artwork, portrait painting

photorealism in oil painting on canvas

Water baby, oil on canvas 2018

Rosemary is available for painting commissions in both oil and acrylic.

She creates her art from her private studio in the West of Ireland, Co Galway.

abstract painting

pop surreal painting in oil / acrylic on canvas / board

figurative painting, first ladies

pop surreal oil painting on canvas

Space girl one hundred, oil on canvas 2014

‘The first ladies’

This collection of oil paintings aims to appeal to the imagination provoking the viewer to feel through association.

The exaggerated proportions depict a sense of isolation and detachment from surroundings and sense of self. They deal with body dysmorphia and unrealistic beauty standards in culture. The characters are juxtaposed with their environments posing in uneasy, pensive emotions states.

sculpture in mixed media

sculpture by Rosemary Fallon

sculptural bowls

original sculpture, UFO space bowls in mixed media

art restoration

art commissions

Rosemary also expands her talents to art teacher, art coach, portfolio guru. All work on this website was created by Irish artist Rosemary Fallon.

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Rosemary Fallon N.Dip. . B.A. . M.Sc

Countess Markievicz, oil on canvas 2023

Michael Collins, oil on canvas

Ren in the moonlight, acrylic on canvas 2022

Antique Restoration on The late Late Show

with Ryan Tubridy

as seen on the late late show 2023

singer sewing machine restoration