Rosemary Fallon N.Dip. . B.A. . M.Sc.

surreal animal paintings

In this section you will find surreal animal paintings by Irish artist Rosemary Fallon.

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Doe in the moonlight, acrylic painting 2022

Irish culture and folklore

a collection of Irish animal characters created through the medium of oil paint on canvas. Artwork created and made in the west of Ireland Co. Galway, by local contemporary visual artist Rosemary Fallon.

surrealism, popsrealism & lowbrow art

In many cultures around the world, the deer is a symbol of spiritual authority appearing in folk and fairy tales the world over. In Celtic mythology the princess Sadhbh had the ability to shapeshift into the form of a beautiful deer.

Wren in the moonlight, acrylic painting 2022

Wren in the moonlight: The Wren also known as the King of the Birds is connected with various legends including the betrayal of Saint Stephen, playing a part in Christmas festivities in Ireland and Europe. The druids of Ireland, consider them a sacred bird and used their musical notes for divination.

Blue Tit in the garden oil painting 2018

Blue Tit in the garden: In Celtic culture, the Blue Tit symbolizes joy, happiness, hope, renewal, and good fortune.

Christmas robin, oil painting 2018

Christmas Robin: In Ireland Robins are seen as messengers from the spirit world. A sign from Heaven indicating a loved one who has passed is at peace. For centuries, the have been perceived as a symbol of good luck, happiness, rebirth. In Norse mythology the robin is a protector from storms and lightning. In Christmas story stories It tells of how the robin got his red breast after burning himself on a fire he fanned to keep the baby Jesus warm. Another legend says the robin’s red breast is association with Christ’s death and crucifixion.

Donkey and the stars, oil painting 2018

This Christmas carol, by Eric Boswell 1959 is about Mary the mother of Jesus and the journey to Bethlehem by donkey. In the background is one large star (possible supernova) and the star cluster known as the Pleiades.

Christmas mice, acrylic painting 2018

From the poem “The Night Before Christmas,” ” when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse,” by Clement C Moore … three little mice seen sleeping on Christmas eve before the presents arrive.

Rudolf, oil painting 2013

A young differently-abled reindeer from the North Pole who faced discrimination and social ostracism because of his red nose – (so red that it actually glowed!) until Santa chose him as lead dear to pull Santa’s sleigh.

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Rosemary Fallon N.Dip. . B.A. . M.Sc