rose red, rosemary fallon, irish artist

Rosemary Fallon NDip. . B.A. . M.Sc.
Irish Artist, Painter and Sculpture

the queen's garden, rosemary fallon, irish artist

The Queen’s Garden - oil on canvas


rosemary fallon artist

Rosemary is a young emerging Galway artist who studied her Degree in Fine Art Painting in the National College of Art & Design and then followed it with a Masters in Multimedia in DCU.

Her tremendous ability as an artist is evident in her distinctive bold and contemporary style. A style which has been linked to several art movements such as Pop Surrealism, Hyperrealism, Lowbrow Art & New Renaissance. Rosemary is a featured artists in the book Goblin Market: Irish New Contemporary Art

Some of the artists that have inspire Rosemary are Salvador Dalí, Hieronymus Bosch, Joseph Wright, Cindy Sherman & Frida Kahlo. She also uses her travels as inspiration and she does this through her photography. She also creates prop, costume and sets to help bring these surreal imaginings to life.

Her iconic painting style is deliberately orchestrated to resemble a Photoshop collage. This is her intent and is a reference to the media's unrealistic vision of beauty and the sexualisation of the female body that is thrust upon us in every day life. This is emphasised by her use of exaggerated proportions, doll like features and emotionally charged expressions. It is her imagining of cultural awareness of female identity seen through the eyes of a woman.

Rosemary is a resident artist in Galway Bay Galleries and her work can also be found in The Gallery Kinsale, Co. Cork,
Sol Art Gallery, Dublin, White Lady Art, Dublin and Eakin Gallery, Belfast. Rosemary is a featured artists in the book Goblin Market: Irish New Contemporary Art

Rosemary runs an art school in Co. Galway
all artwork ©rosemary fallon